citrus fruit flavor biscuits

For your refined daily breaks

The Margherite are delicious tea biscuits that add taste to your afternoon breaks. They have a very crumbly surface and they give fresh notes of citrus at each bite that can be best appreciated only if you savour them slowly.

The pretty flower shape, that is so original and elegant, enhances their extraordinary fragrance. The smell is heady, genuine, natural and it whets the appetite.

The Margherite immediately puts one in a good mood and give simple, sweet moments of pleasure.

Did you know that...

Queen Margherita, wife of Umberto I, was the most beloved queen of Italy. She was very attentive to Italian culture and the Made in Italy style was her passion. She was also a fervent promoter of the Mediterranean diet. For this reason, the most important and famous products of the traditional Italian cuisine, such as the Torta Margherita and the Pizza Margherita, were dedicated to her.

The name that Pietro wanted for his biscuit has a double meaning: on the one hand it recalls the Queen’s name that has become synonymous with quality and on the other hand it recalls the name of the beautiful spring flower that is the symbol of freshness and naturalness.


Wheat flour, Sugar, Butter, Honey, Milk powder, Dextrose, Malt extract (wheat malt, barley malt, corn), Yeast agent: ammonium bicarbonate - sodium bicarbonate, Salt, Natural citrus fruit and vanilla flavor.

This product contains: wheat and milk.
May contain: soy and egg.

Product contains no preservatives. Keep in a dry and cool place. Do not expose to the direct sun rays.


*% of recommended daily requirement for an adult, calculated on the basis of a daily requirement of 2000kcal. The requirements may differ according to sex, age and physical activity.

Nutrition information

Average Nutritional Values - Serving per package: 6,25 - Serving size: 40 g

  Per 100 g Serving size GDA per serving*
Kcal 458 Kcal 183 Kcal 9%
K J 1917 KJ 767
Proteins g 8,1 g 3,3 7%
Carbohydrate g 72,8 g 29,1 11%
of which sugar g 26,8 g 10,7 12%
Fat g 13,6 g 5,5 8%
of which saturated fat g 6,0 g 2,4 12%
Fibre g 2,4 g 1,0 4%
Sodium g 0,44 g 0,20 7%