banofee pie

Banoffee Pie

For the base:

250 g Gentilini Cocoa Wafer
80 g warm melted butter
For the cream:
125 g butter
125 g brown sugar
400 ml condensed milk

For the finishing:

2 bananas
250 ml fresh whipped cream
Chocolate chips as needed
Sugar as needed


Put the Gentilini cocoa wafers in the mixer and chop finely, pour into a bowl, add the melted butter and stir until you get a sort of wet sand. Pour into a 22cm mould with removable base, compacted
well with the back of the spoon and also cover the edges. Put in the freezer for 30 minutes.

In the meantime prepare the toffee: caramelize the brown sugar with the butter, add the condensed milk and cook for a few minutes, it must get dark, remove from the heat and let cool.
Take the base, now compact, place it on a serving plate and pour the toffee cream, let thicken for another 30 minutes in the freezer, then decorate with slices of banana arranged radially, whipped cream and chocolate chips. And here comes the realized banoffee pie!

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