Halloween Cake pops

Halloween is closer and closer and this year I decided to post an easy recipe for those Moms that frequently asked me ‘something easy to do with kids’! So, here you are an easy cakepop with a Halloween decoration.
Instead of using a cake for preparing the cakepops, I used cookies, a special kind of Italian cookies that I’m going to introduce you below.
Gentilini is a famous Italian brand, established in 1890, well-known for traditional breakfast cookies, like Osvego Mini (those that I used for Mummies-decorations and the chocolate version that I used for the filling). Further information will be given you later on in this post, just know that I generally buy these cookies for breakfast, and I’m happy of this collaboration because I already know their quality and appreciate it!

Ingredients for 15 cakepops:

For decorating cakepops with Mummies-Cookies:

  • 15 tiny Osvego Mini
  • 70 gr white chocolate
  • silver sugar pearls

For cakepops:

  • 20 cookies Osvego with chocolate
  • 4 full tablespoons hazelnut cream
  • 100 gr dark chocolate
  • sugar decorations

As first step, let’s start with Mummies-Cookies decoration!
Place cookies Osvego Mini on a tray, covered with parchment baking paper.
Melt white chocolate.
For drawing the Mummies you can use a sac-à-poche or a forch.
Before chocolate will dry, place the pearls, as eyes. If you have no silver sugar pearls, you can substitute them with a dark chocolate drop.
Store in fridge for 1/2 hour.

In the meanwhile let’s prepare the cakepops!
Mince ‘Osvego with chocolate’ using a blender or a mortar, it’s important you obtain a thin crumble.
Pour the crumble in a bowl and mix with hazelnut cream, mix well as far as you have a homogeneous mixture.
Using a teaspoon, shape tiny balls and place them on a tray, covered with parchment baking paper.
Then melt 30 gr dark chocolate, drop a stick into it and place it into the first ball.
Repeat it for all balls.
Then place the tray with all balls into freezer for 1 hour.
After 1 hour, take the tray off the oven, melt the remaining chocolate, pour sugar pearls decorations in a bowl.
Plunge the first ball into melted chocolate, then into the sugar pearls, place it to dry.
Place a little portion of melted chocolate behind mummies-cookies and stick them on the cakepops.
Decorate with other sugar decorations, such us those skeletons and tibias I found in a shop.
A few important notes about cookies that I used in this recipe: Osvego Mini and Osvego with chocolate are thin and crunchy and I think they’re perfect for all those recipes where you need a crunchy cookie that doesn’t become soft. I find them perfect for cheesecake base or puddings or bavarois, where you have a cream combined to a crunchy element.
In particular, Osvego with chocolate have a very defined dark chocolate flavor, that doesn’t disappear when you mix them with hazelnut cream, that is very sweet (I appreciate the bitter note of dark chocolate!)
Then there’s an other important thing to say: when your recipe needs to store food in fridge or freezer, consider humidity. These cakes do not become smooth after fridge storage, they are still solid and crunchy.
It’s a pleasure to work with those brands that you daily choose, because of their quality, so thank you to Gentilini Company, for choosing my blog as partner in their campaign and thank you also for sweetening my breakfasts in this period (not only breakfast… they also sent me a beatiful tin box with a selection af cookies, that I’m taking here, next to my laptop and I’m eating them while working!)
If you want other information about Gentilini or you wish to try their cookies  Osvego , HERE you can find a link to their on line shop, where you can directly buy them!

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