Hardtack pizza


300ml water  

100gr sugar  

100ml vermouth-type liquor  

250gr pastry cream  

350gr Novellini biscuits 


For the pastry cream  

4 egg yolks  

100 g sugar  

30 g flour  

1/2 liter of milk  



First, prepare the pastry cream. In a small pan, let the milk warm and keep aside. In a large bowl, work the sugar  with the egg yolks until the mixture is foamy.

Add the sifted flour and finally the hot milk. Work with the whip  quickly and place on low heat to continue cooking. Once cooked and then reached the right consistency, pour the  cream into a bowl and let it cool. Then prepare the soak by melting the sugar first and letting cool. Then add the  liqueur.

Prepare the cake alternating the biscuits slightly wet and stuffing the various layers with pastry cream.  Serve the pizza with plenty of powdered sugar.

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