Hazelnut Cup

Hazelnut Cup


9 Novellini Biscuits (Gentilini)  

Marsala as needed  

150 g of Mascarpone  

100 g of white chocolate  

200 g of fresh liquid cream  

60 g of Nocciolato (Gentilini)  

6 Hazelnuts (whole)  


Before starting to prepare this cup, put in the refrigerator or freezer the bowl and the whips that will  be used to whip the cream. They will rest 15 minutes in the freezer; a half hour in the refrigerator.  

Chop the white chocolate and melt in a double boiler  

In a large bowl, work the mascarpone with a spatula to soften it and make it creamy. Add the  melted white chocolate and mix perfectly.  

Whip the cream with the electric whips and add it to the mixture with gentle movements from  bottom to top to avoid disassembling everything. Finally, roughly chop the Nocciolato Gentilini and  add 50 g to the cream (the remaining will be used for the final decoration of the cups). And now we  prepare the CUPS!  

Crumble 3 Novellini biscuits on the bottom of each cup and sprinkle with a spoonful of Marsala.  

Divide the cream in the three cups and decorate the surface with the Nocciolato flakes kept aside  and two whole hazelnuts.  

The hazelnut cups can be stored in the refrigerator until the time of serving, having the care to cover  each cup with film.

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