Hazelnuts chocolates with wafer


100 g Gentilini hazelnuts wafer

100 g dark or milk chocolate

50 g chopped hazelnuts 

Processing for Hazelnuts chocolates

To prepare the hazelnut chocolates with wafers you start by breaking up the chocolate and melting it in the microwave or bainmarie (to ease the operation I use a knob of butter together). Let cool a few minutes, and in the meantime chop hazelnut wafers until they become flour and then add them to the melted chocolate. Mix together and let rest a little in the refrigerator so that the mixture hardens a little and is easy to work.

Now pour the hazelnut grain into a bowl. Take the mixture and form balls and roll them into the bowl. Place the Chocolates in the ramekinsyour Chocolates with hazelnuts and wafers are ready!

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