Lemon cream tile

The lemon cream tile is a fresh and tasty sweet ideal for the summer season, it is ready in a short time with simple ingredients that we all have at home and if consumed the next day is even better.

During the summer, the desserts that do not allow baking are the most desired and appreciated for their freshness.

For the preparation of the cake you will need very few ingredients and in no time you will realize a sweet with a delicate and fresh taste.


For the cream you will need:

2 eggs

80 gr sugar

Lemon zests

500 ml milk

50 gr flour (equal to two full spoons)

Vanillin (1 sachet)

For the syrup

A cup of lightly sweetened coffee, milk about 100 ml and a vial of rum

For the cake base

Gentilini Novellini with milk and honey



For the cream we put in the robot sugar and lemon zest thinly cut (the white part should not be there otherwise it will be bitter).

After mincing the sugar with the lemon very well, pour the mixture into the saucepan and add the eggs, flour and vanillin. Mix all with a whisk and, while stirring, pour the milk flush-mounted to avoid lumps. Cook the cream over low heat. When the cream has thickened, pour it into a low baking dish and let it cool completely.

When the cream is cold start to assemble the tile. Dip the Gentilini Novellini biscuits with milk and honey in the coffee with milk and rum and arrange them in a tray. Finally, decorate with cream using a sac à poche with star-shaped nozzle: form 3 layers and add a few slices of lemon as a garnish.

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