Mango mousse with biscuits


• 100 g Osvego Gentilini biscuits
• 2 Mangoes
• 250 ml fresh liquid cream (also vegetable)
• 2 spoons of Maraschino (or other similar liquor)
• 50 g sugar
• q.b. mint leaves
• 40 g Butter


First of all, peel the mango, divide it in half and separate the pulp from the hard part, reduce to pieces and pass to the mixer until you get a puree.

Keep aside just under a quarter to make the final decoration. Whip until stiff the cream with the sugar, gently add it to the mango puree and maraschino. Stir until you get a soft and homogeneous mousse.

Chop the biscuits in the mixer, mix them with melted butter and begin to assemble the dessert in cups or glass jars or, alternatively, glasses. Then, put the cookies on the bottom, without pressing too much, put the mousse in a sac à poche and make a layer over the cookies.

Sprinkle the biscuits and another layer of mousse. Finish with mango cubes and some fresh mint leaves. The mango mousse with cookies is ready, put it inthe fridge until searving.

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