mini cheesecake con mousse di mortadella

Mini Cheesecake with mortadella mousse and pistachio pesto


10 Gentilini whole wheat rusks
70 g Butter
150 g Mortadella
120 g spreadable fresh cheese
150 ml fresh liquid cream
5 g isinglass
A/R Pistachio pesto
A/R Pistachio grains


First of all, we put the Gentilini Whole wheat Rusks in a mixer and chop them. When they are well chopped, we combine the melted butter and we put the mixture, so obtained, in 4 cylindrical pastry rings, we press the mixture very well on the bottom and transfer everything in the fridge.

In the meantime, let’s start by soaking the sheets of isinglass in cold water. At this point, we chop, until it becomes a cream, mortadella and mix with the spreadable cheese. We whip the cream, so that it is solid enough, leaving aside a little bit that we will put in a small saucepan and bring almost to the boil. In the hot cream we add the sheets of isinglass and combine in all the mixture of mortadella and cheese.

At this point we can gently add the whipped cream, in order to avoid disassembling the cream itself. We take the pastry rings from the fridge and put in each one the same amount of mortadella foam, trying not to have gaps. We put
everything in the fridge for at least 2/3 hours.

After this time, we return to our mini cheesecakes and gently demould them. Finally, we put a couple of teaspoons of pistachio pesto as topping on each one and decorate with pistachio grains.

Enjoy your meal!

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