Mini zuccotto cake with chocolate and strawberries


For the biscuits shell

200 gr Gentilini Osvego chocolate biscuits;
100 gr butter;
50 gr dark chocolate.

For the stuffing

250 gr Mascarpone;
150 gr dark chocolate;
100 gr sugar;
30 gr bitter cocoa;
200 ml milk;
100 gr strawberries cut into small pieces.

For the final garnish

Chocolate cream


For the biscuits shell: finely chop the Osvego chocolate, apart melt the butter and dark chocolate.
Mix with the biscuits until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Begin to cover the mould with the dough made and leave aside the leftover because it will be used to close the cake. Refrigerate to firm up.

Prepare the stuffing: in a saucepan melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. In a separate saucepan, heat the milk, add the sugar and the bitter cocoa. Mix well. Once hot, transfer into the bowl with the melted chocolate. Mix until the mixture becomes smooth and homogenous. Let cool. In a bowl pour the mascarpone and a few tablespoons of chocolate cream. Start to mix. Leave aside the rest of the chocolate cream that will serve for the final decoration.
Put in the fridge to firm. Before serving, place the mini cake in a little dish, pour one or two tablespoons of chocolate cream. Finish with pieces of strawberries.

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