Oven-baked stuffed peaches with Margherite Gentilini


4 peaches
50 g citrus-scented Margherite Gentilini
50 g dark chocolate
Three spoons of sugar
A sprinkling of Cinnamon


Wash the peaches in cold tap water and dry well. Cut the peaches in half and remove the core. Witha teaspoon, scoop out a little bit of pulp from each half and mix it in a bowl with the biscuitscrumbled coarsely and sugar.

On a cutting board cut with a knife 50 g of dark chocolate and add itto the mixture. Stuff the peaches with the mixture of biscuits and chocolate. Bake your stuffed peaches in a hot oven at 180 º C for 40 minutes. Let them cool and serve with a sprinkling of cinnamon and decorating with fresh mint leaves!

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