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“The passion for genuineness, just like beauty, doesn’t allow alternatives, it only aims for the best.
This passion was always a guide and strong inspiration for my biscuits”.
Pietro Gentilini

Each of us knows how to recognise genuineness, even if taste is undoubtedly subjective.

Genuineness is something to research, defend and diffuse.

Genuineness is not accepting things done in haste, but taking the time necessary to study, test, get it wrong and try again.

Genuineness is dedicating your energy to something you believe in, putting your talent to the test. Genuineness is following your intuition and going all the way, even if it means daring

Handicraft, knowledge, experience, time and research.

These are the real values of the artisan, but they are especially the values of good, well-made products, just like those by Gentilini.


Handicraft as an ability, capacity and skill.

The art of defending the virtuous co-existence between advanced industrial processes and craftsmanship.

Like in the production of the famous Novellini biscuits, with a traditional wire-drawn process, combined with the workmanship of expert, able hands, to guarantee unique crispness, taste and fragrance.

Just like the rusks which, respecting the oldest artisan processes, require over 10 hours work to be so good, thick and golden.

And Osvego biscuits too, where the human factor is essential in dosing to obtain the organoleptic qualities that make them stand out.


We know the best products are created combining the best ingredients with real passion and the experience that only centuries of dedication can give. Ours, to be precise.

And this is why we only select the highest quality raw materials and transform them into the best biscuits.

100% Italian grain

Following attentive and in-depth research, we decided to only use soft wheat flour and spelt flour in our products.

Italian flour not only means ground in Italy, but the entire process starting from selection of the best grains, sowing, harvesting up to milling, strictly takes place in Italy.

Prepared with fresh Italian milk and cream

The fresh milk we use is Italian, not only for the transformation process that takes place in Italy, but because the farms are all Italian.

Furthermore, our suppliers must have obtained certification of the well-being of the animal on the farm, meaning respect for the physiological and ethological needs of the animals.

Our cream is also strictly Italian and pasteurised once only.

With Italian barn laid eggs

Our eggs are class A only that guarantees the absence of impurities and higher organoleptic quality.

Our research also continues in this case to promote the Italian chain. In fact, the eggs come exclusively from Italian, barn-raised laying hens.

Flower nectar honey

Our honey preserves the ancient flavour of a great, natural product: to preserve all the qualitative characteristics, it does not undergo any heat treatment, thereby managing to offer an always new taste experience full of different nuanced flavour.

Prepared with endless sweetness, it is extracted and worked by expert hands and only comes from wild flora. In fact, Flower Nectar Honey only derives from pollination of multiple flowers that each time characterise its flavour and scent.


In compliance with environmental sustainability, we have never used palm oil in our products, but rather we prefer the use of high oleic sunflower oil and butter.

Butter, following years of preconceptions, was recently completely rehabilitated by the international scientific community. It is a natural, digestible foodstuff. It does not increase cholesterol and actually contains vitamins A, D, K, E.

Sunflower oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, the forerunner of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, is useful for a healthy heart and energy production. In the production processes, we only use high oleic sunflower oil which, having incredible stability at high temperatures, allows excellent biscuit and rusk baking.


The quality of our products derives from unique, closely guarded, top secret recipes handed down through various generations, and still the same as in 1890.

Because the best things don’t need changing.

Time, research

The first and most important ingredients have never changed since 1890.

They are the passion and incomparable talent of a family running a genuine business. Passion and tradition, tricks and secrets of the trade are passed down from father to son and always orientated towards the search for excellence.

Just like an artisan and his work, one of our most important values is respect for slowness which means dedication, care and attention and knowing that you never stop learning. This know-how is in fact essential for finding new stimuli.

In this virtuous process, the certification obtained over the years, such as ISO 9001:2000, is an acknowledgement of our continuous search for quality.

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