Risen Angelica with cinnamon and Gentilini Marie biscuits


For the dough 

350 g flour type 00 

200 g Manitoba flour 

210 ml whole milk 

5 g fresh brewer’s yeast  

3 medium size yolks 

75 g sugar 

120 g butter (at room temperature) 

Seeds of half a vanilla pod 

5 g salt 

For the filling 

100 g extra soft butter at room temperature 

10 g cinnamon in powder 

75 g Gentilini Marie biscuits in powder 


In the stand mixer bowl sift the flour, add yeast and milk. Start kneading at minimum speed. Add the egg yolks lightly beaten and the sugar little by little. Add the seeds of half a vanilla pod,  the salt and butter in small pieces a little at a time. 

Knead until the dough is blended very well, creating a smooth and homogeneous dough. Put in a container and proceed to the first rising until doubling. 

In the meanwhile, crumble the Gentilini Marie biscuits into powder with the help of a kitchen  mixer and keep aside. In a bowl put the butter and cinnamon, stir until you create a cream. At the end of the first rising, pour the dough on a slightly floured work surface, gently deflate and  roll it out in a rectangular shape of about 40 cm by 30 cm. 

Brush the surface with butter and cinnamon cream, sprinkle with biscuit powder. Roll up from the side of the length forming a roll, cut in half and cast off the two parts one on the  other with the open side facing upwards. 

Prepare a baking tray covered with baking paper and form a doughnut. Place in the centre hole a  small bowl or a glass to keep the shape. 

Cover with food film and proceed with the second leavening until doubling. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees. 

Finished the last leavening, brush with a mix of egg yolk and milk. 

Cook for about 45 minutes.

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