Wild berries and cocoa tart

Wild berries and cocoa tart without eggs



300 g Nuvole with cream and cocoa Gentilini 

60 g coconut oil (or seed oil) 

1 spoon and a half of honey  

1 spoon of bitter cocoa 

A pinch of salt 



260 g frozen wild berries 

1/2 cup of rhum 

1 spoon of brown sugar 

2 spoons of water 

250 g fresh cream to be whipped 

2 g agar agar 

1 spoon of icing sugar 



2 trays of raspberries 

1 tray of blueberry 9

40 g frozen wild berries 

Dried cornflowers 

Icing sugar 

Blend the Nuvole with cream and cocoa in the mixer until they are crumbled. With the mixer activated,  pour from the TM Bowl the cocoa and coconut oil dissolved in the microwave, softened honey and salt,  until you get a sandy and damp paste. 

With this dough line the mold prepared with spray remover or with butter and flour. Spread it evenly on  the base and along the edges of the mold, helping you with the back of a spoon. Perfect with wet hands  and press with your fingertips to obtain a level base. 

Cook at 175 degrees for 18 minutes. 

Take out the obtained base and once warm, keep it in the refrigerator. 


Cook the frozen berries (260 g) in a saucepan with thick bottom with rum, brown sugar and water, for  about 20 minutes, until you get a sort of coarse jam.

Blend the mixture obtained and keep it in TM Bowl to cool. Meanwhile, semi-whip 150 g of cream with a  spoonful of sugar and keep aside. 

Heat in a small pan 100 g of cream, when it is hot remove it from heat and add agar agar. Stir until it has  completely dissolved and there will be no lumps. It must have a gelatinous consistency. 

Add the whipped cream to the fruit smoothie, now cold, using a spatula. Add to this mixture the cream  with agar agar, now warm and stir well with a spatula. Store the TM Bowl with the filling in the refrigerator  for about 45 minutes. 

Take the base of the now cold tart, pour the mousse of berries and level with a spatula. Decorated with  raspberries, blueberries, the small currants set aside, dried cornflower flowers and a little powdered sugar.

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